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Navigating the Online Safety Act with SQR's Digital Identity Solution

In a landmark move, the UK recently entered a new era of digital safeguarding, with royal assent granted to the Online Safety Bill last month. As the dust settles on the six-year legal journey of the bill, regulator Ofcom has swiftly released initial draft Codes of Practice under this groundbreaking Act.

The Pillars of Protection

The Codes of Practice recently unveiled by Ofcom encompass crucial areas including child protection, tackling fraud and combating anti-terrorism activities. The timing is critical, as these Codes are set to be enforced next year, in an aim to make the UK “the safest place in the world to be online.”

Enforcement and Penalties

With non-compliance penalties looming, including substantial fines of up to £18 million or 10% of global annual revenue, and potential imprisonment for company owners in certain circumstances, the imperative to protect vulnerable individuals and ensure platform integrity has never been more pronounced.

SQR’s Solution

In this landscape of heightened digital responsibility, SQR emerges as a proactive ally. Our verified digital identity service is meticulously crafted to assist organisations in navigating the evolving regulatory landscape and fulfilling these new obligations.

Key Features of SQR’s Digital Identity Solution:

Accurate Biometric Authentication: SQR’s award-winning solution provides accurate yet frictionless biometric authentication for users.
Child and Vulnerable Group Safeguarding: Our platform is designed to safeguard minors and other vulnerable groups, aligning with the duty of care mandated by law.
Seamless Age Verification: With a “duty of care” now enshrined in law for digital platforms, SQR’s solution offers seamless age verification capabilities.


As the UK prepares to usher in a new era of online safety, organisations must proactively embrace solutions that not only comply with the evolving regulations but also go above and beyond in protecting digital users.


SQR stands at the forefront, ready to empower platforms with robust support, ensuring a secure and compliant digital landscape for all. Embrace the future of digital safeguarding with SQR’s innovative digital identity solution.

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