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Easy Access for Customers.

Tough Barrier for Fraudsters.

As global fraud losses rose to new heights of $42 billion in 2023, the need for a watertight security solution has never been more crucial.

That’s why we’re building a secure world; tackling fraud head-on at all stages of the customer life-cycle.
Our mission is simple – to ensure that individuals are real and they are who they say they are. Always.

SQR Targets

Identity Theft


Friendly Fraud

Account Takeovers

Multi-account Fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Bot Attacks

Bonus Abuse

Chip Dumping

Currency Fraud

Money Laundering


Fraud Reduction is seamlessly integrated into the SQR platform throughout the user lifecycle, at every log on.

Facial Biometrics and our Secure QR Code technology are used alongside Identity Verification (ID&V) to provide an impenetrable threshold, whilst allowing easy access to your services for legitimate customers.


Tired of focusing on the problem?

It’s time to become part of the solution. SQR is proactive not reactive; give your customers protection and your organisation peace of mind.

By using SQR you ensure that your users are real and they are who they say they are, on every log in.

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