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Zero-Click Logins

A safer and smoother user authentication experience.


Wave goodbye to forgotten passwords with SQR’s ultra-secure one-step process.

Verified app users no longer need Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), thanks to our proprietary face authentication with embedded full liveness testing, combined with Secure QR Code technology. Seamless and secure multi-factor authentication – SQR streamlines the user journey:


Passwordless authentication is seamlessly integrated into our onboarding workflow.

Once identified and verified, we encrypt an image of the user’s face into a Secure QR Code, that only they can use to authenticate an action, for example, gateway entry, logins and payments.
When logging in online, users simply open their app using facial biometrics and scan the QR code on the screen.
Alternatively, if the user is on a mobile device they just click the link to add their SQR Token and smile at the camera – their face will securely sign them up or authenticate an action.


Using SQR’s unique password authentication process your users don’t need to remember long passwords, or reset them, reducing sales funnel drop-off rates, improving user experience and increasing user safeguards with SQR’s.

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