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Automatic Age Verification

Customised age-based access with AI-powered accuracy.


Effortlessly meet legal and regulatory age requirements - in any industry and any jurisdiction.

SQR can help you trust that your customers are real and at the age threshold required to access your organisation’s services. We remove the compliance hurdle for organisations with age-restricted products or services across the globe, ensuring that legal and regulatory requirements are satisfied without a hitch while also improving user onboarding experience.


Age verification is seamlessly integrated into our onboarding and due diligence workflow.

Facial Biometrics and our Secure QR Code technology are used alongside Identity Verification (ID&V) to provide an impenetrable threshold, whilst allowing a quick and easy pass for legitimate and age-appropriate customers.


Reduce drop-off rates, improve user experience and increase user safeguards with SQR’s unique onboarding process. By using SQR you ensure that your customers are who they say they are, on every log in.

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