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Free from Fraud

Eliminating fraud one secure verification at a time

ID&V powered by in-house expertise.

The SQR team draws on decades of experience in technology and compliance to fight cybercrime whilst strengthening trust in business/customer relationships.
We’ve created SQR to make it easier for people to prove who they are, both online and in person, without their personal information being placed at risk. By creating absolute certainty between an operator and a customer, we’re building technology that can make the online world a safer place.
Our team is continuously developing new ways in which SQR can help people navigate the online world with increased safety and simplicity. With social and economic inclusion in mind, we make seamless biometric digital identity affordable and available to everyone.
Locking in safety and locking out fraud. We’re pioneering a new era in personal ID Verification.

Our Vision

Although the rise of the internet and digital disruption has brought about huge benefits and unprecedented access to services, it has come at a cost – increased cases of fraudulent behaviour, complex customer onboarding journeys and ineffectual safeguarding systems.
Our team is united by a common cause: making the digital space a safer place through trusted technology.
The SQR team believes that we can strengthen the internet ecosystem; creating a more secure world.
Our proprietary technologies allow our customers not just to know the users of their online services, but to trust that they are who they say they are.

Our Principles

A driving force behind all that we do; each principle is embedded in our culture and instilled company wide, as we strive to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Our Ethics

Our technology cannot be used to pick your face out of a crowd, and we do not connect to any law enforcement or government body using biometrics.

Join Us

We’re growing the global SQR team!

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