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Frictionless Onboarding

Enhancing security in customer onboarding, without compromising on conversion.


SQR delivers an easily navigable and smooth onboarding experience for all application users.


Our simple sign-up process triggers  instantaneous  KYC checks, powered by the most comprehensive global location data on the market.

99% of users are verified in seconds, with the remainder flagged and subjected to intensive internal checks that take just minutes.
All customers are notified as soon as our ID&V checks have proved successful, reducing drop-off rates and accelerating use of your services.
SQR’s integrated instant messaging function also enables real-time assistance whilst onboarding for those users seeking help.


Identity Verification (ID&V), Facial Biometrics and our Secure QR Code technology are used during the onboarding process to provide an impenetrable threshold for fraudsters, whilst allowing easy access to your services for legitimate customers.
Secure access to SQR’s private user dashboard can enable one-click login for verified users, even if they don’t already use your service. By gathering documentation earlier on in the user onboarding journey, you are able to streamline the interaction within the lifetime of their use of your services.
And, with a less onerous compliance burden ‘in-house’, you can deploy your budget to other areas of your organisation’s operation.
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