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SQR & Betting

Remove The Compliance Hurdle Without Compromising On Security

How Can SQR Support Betting?

Identifying and Verifying Gamblers

Easing Compliance

Facilitating Secure Seamless Payments

Tightening Responsible Gambling

Enabling Zero-click Logins

Reducing Fraud & Meeting AML Requirements

Working in Customer-Present and Customer Not-Present Environments, Simultaneously

What Type of Fraud?

New Account Fraud

Multiple Account Fraud

Friendly Fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Bonus Abuse

Chip Dumping

Land-Based and Online Betting

A staff member on site, or hardware provided by SQR and built into a slot machine, scans a player’s Secure QR code followed by their face. Players with a verified account are instantly authorised to enter or proceed with their chosen game, with no need for ID – their SQR Code or phone number will suffice.

We can up your Game

SQR makes painful customer onboarding something you never have to deal with again.
Are you in? We’d love to hear from you; speak to one of our team today.

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