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SQR & Unattended Retail

Increase Sales, Reduce Customer Friction and Satisfy Legal Obligations with Ease.

How Can SQR Support Unattended Retail?

Automatic Age Verification in under 3 seconds

Secure Biometric Solution

Safeguard Minors

Integrate with Club Cards & Rewards Schemes

Same Day Cash for Retailers

Increase sales and profits from restricted products

Tailor Individual Age Restrictions (e.g. 16+ / 18+ / 21+ / 23+ / 25+)

Reduce Fraud

Seamless International Payments

Prevent Disputed Payments

Automated Age Verification

Tobacco Products
Energy Drinks
Lottery Tickets
Scratch Cards
Cigarette Lighter Refills & Butane
e-Cigarettes / Vapes and e-Liquids

18-Rated Games and Videos

Knives, Scissors and Razor Blades 
Solvents and Glues
Fireworks and Sparklers
Adult Magazines and Media

Physical Self-Checkout

SQR’s proprietary technology enables customers to simply scan their Secure QR Code, followed by their face. Verification and authorisation takes just seconds and entirely removes the requirement for a manual ID check – reducing overheads and extending product reach.

No code? No problem. A phone number pre-registered to their SQR account works just as well in conjunction with facial scanning.
Providing customers have connected their debit cards within the app, payment is also instantaneously auto-authorised and processed within seconds.

Streamline Your Point of Sale Process

SQR automates age verification whilst eradicating fraud

Vending Machines

Self-Service Checkouts

Pick-Up Points

Self-Service Markets

The Future of Unattended Retail

SQR provides age verification and extends product accessibility.
Are you in? We’d love to hear from you; speak to one of our team today.

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