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Principles Over Profit

These 10 core principles guide SQR’s everyday decisions and outline our commitment to customers, employees and stakeholders alike.

A driving force behind all that we do; each principle is embedded in our culture and instilled company wide, as we strive to hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Principles Over Profit

Practising a vigilant and resilient approach to cyber security.


Defending the human right to privacy and creating relationships built on trust.


Placing people at the heart of SQR – ensuring our services are accessible to all.


Fostering a culture of inclusiveness, equality, empowerment and support.


Setting higher standards for ourselves – going above and beyond regulator requirements.


Removing barriers and ensuring transparency in all that we do.


Adopting robust governance procedures to protect all data we are entrusted with. No excuses.


Building systems and processes that are responsive, agile and adaptable to external changes.


Implementing an ethos of accountability, with independent auditing as standard.


We care about our planet and seek to reduce energy and emissions wherever possible.

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