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SQR & Retail

Streamline Sales and Reduce Operating Costs with our Age Verification Solution.

How Can SQR Support Retail?

Automatic Age Verification 

Integrates with Club Cards & Rewards Schemes 

Same Day Cash for Retailers

Reduce Fraud

Remove Physical ID Checks - Staff can be deployed elsewhere 

Verified Digital identity 

Safeguard Minors

Prevent Disputed Payments

Supports ‘Unmanned Store’ Innovation

Seamless International Payments

Automated Age Verification

Tobacco Products
Energy Drinks
Lottery Tickets
Scratch Cards
Cigarette Lighter Refills & Butane
e-Cigarettes / Vapes and e-Liquids

18-Rated Games and Videos

Knives, Scissors and Razor Blades 
Solvents and Glues
Fireworks and Sparklers
Adult Magazines and Media

Physical Self-checkout

At the point of purchase, hardware provided by SQR and built into the POS system will scan a user’s Secure QR code, followed by their face. Individuals with a verified account are instantly authorised to proceed with their purchase, with no need for a manual ID check – their Secure SQR Code is all you need to verify your customer is who they say they are.

Providing customers have connected their debit cards within the app, payment is also instantaneously auto-authorised and processed within seconds. 

What Type of Fraud?

Loyalty Fraud

Prevent Bot Attacks

Refund Fraud

Credit Card Fraud 

Card Testing Fraud

Interception Fraud

Gift Card Fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Triangulation Fraud

Opt-in to Maximise Conversions

SQR automates age verification whilst eradicating fraud

Do you want to save time and money?

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