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SQR & Ecommerce

Drive Frictionless Sales by Automating Age Verification Checks and Improving your Customer Journey. 

How Can SQR Support Ecommerce?

Secure Age Verification 

Seamless International Payments

Prevent Disputed Payments

Safeguard Minors

Integrates with Rewards Schemes

Verified Online Digital Identity

Same Day Cash for Retailers

Behavioural Biometrics 

Reduce Fraud

What Type of Fraud?

Prevent Bot Attacks

Friendly Fraud 

Card testing Fraud

Chargeback Fraud

Refund Fraud

Interception Fraud

Triangulation Fraud

Opt-in to Maximise Conversions

SQR streamlines the purchasing process with a secure and seamless sales journey, reducing sales funnel drop-off rates and improving user experience.

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