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Simplify compliance. Reduce fraud. Build trust.

We’re building a more secure world through efficient and inclusive identity verification.

Proving who you are or verifying your clients’ identity no longer needs to be a complicated and time consuming process. SQR transforms Know Your Client (KYC) processes overnight – simplifying onboarding journeys and making everyday services more easily accessible, all while securely stopping would-be fraudsters in their tracks.

Take a demo tour to experience our eKYC Dashboard, and see first-hand how SQR can become a vital tool in your compliance toolkit. 






SQR combines world class technology with trusted data sources to protect your business and your clients.

With frictionless remote onboarding made easy, and end-to-end client support built in, we can help redesign your KYC compliance procedures to free up staff time and empower all of your customers in the process. 

UK Government Certified Solution

Optimise Onboarding

Streamline your customer due diligence (CDD) and client monitoring practices – saving critical time, money and resources. 

We ensure that your client relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust.

Join us.

Tyrer Webster:

“SQR has emerged as the cornerstone of our compliance strategy, providing a robust and secure foundation that empowers us to meet the ever-evolving demands of our industry."

NM Accounting:

"With SQR, I have eliminated the need for manual document checks and reduced the risk of fraud. Whether it’s verifying a client’s identity or streamlining onboarding, SQR has become an indispensable tool in my practice."


“SQR is a huge time saver for clients. Instead of having copies certified and posted, they can just download the app and be done in minutes. Keeping our files up to date.”


“We’ve found SQR to be a fast and efficient option to identify clients. Even getting results where traditional methods of verification have proved challenging.”

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