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Simplify compliance. Reduce fraud. Build trust.

Verified digital identity and seamless payments using Secure QR Code ® technology.

SQR for Organisations

Regulated Services

Ease client onboarding with our Identity & anti-money laundering solution.


Streamline sales with automated age verification and seamless transactions.


Improve your customer journey and drive frictionless sales.


Remove the compliance hurdle without compromising on security


Tighten igaming security whilst preserving player privacy.


Coming soon

SQR for Individuals

The premise is simple: we provide assurance of your identity, while respecting your right to privacy.
SQR users can centrally and securely manage sensitive personal information from one reusable verified digital identity account, which doubles as a seamless payment gateway.

The benefits? A frictionless onboarding experience, replacing the need for endless traditional ID checks and removing the requirement for widespread storage of your sensitive data.


Key Features

Identity and Age Verification tied to individual, not device
Online Verification
In Person Access Control
Fraud Prevention
Parental Controls and Age-gating
Safeguarding of Minors
Secure and Seamless International Payments
Full Liveness Testing
Behavioural Biometrics
Same Day Cash for Retailers
Disputed Payments Prevention
Integration with Rewards Schemes

Our Vision

We’re building a secure world, free from fraud and placing safety first Join us.

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