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KYC & AML Compliance

Definitive data-driven decisions in seconds. 


SQR’s cross-platform KYC, AML and Due Diligence solution strengthens trust and reduces fraud in organisations that need to be certain the service user is real and who they say they are.

Easily configurable, it conducts automated instant checks at key predetermined stages of the customer lifecycle – including:

You can protect your users from financial fraud and money laundering, whilst protecting yourself from fines and data breaches. Our easy-to-use platform verifies your users and eliminates fraud.


Customer due diligence (CDD) is seamlessly integrated into our onboarding and KYC workflow.

Facial Biometrics and our Secure QR Code technology are used alongside Identity Verification (ID&V) to provide an impenetrable threshold, whilst allowing easy access to your services for legitimate customers.


Secure access to SQR’s private customer dashboard provides compliance teams with a comprehensive customer view, negating the internal burden of documentation sourcing and data aggregation.

By using SQR you ensure that your users are who they say they are, on every single log in.

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